shadowpokgengar (shadowpokgengar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some Small BREAKthrough Sales

Hello everybody! Long time, no sale!

I just recently bought my first batch of BREAKthrough TCG merch and I have some things I'm looking to offer to anybody who wants them.

First up is the cards. These are some dupes that I got in my boosters. Nothing spectacular, but if anyone wants them some, I'm willing to part with them for 50 cents a card. NONE OF THESE CARDS ARE IN "MINT" CONDITION!!!!! They are pack fresh, meaning they are near-mint at best, so I just wanted to clarify. If you're looking for mint cards, look elsewhere.

I'm also willing to trade any of these cards for ANY cards I don't already have.

Next up is some trash. I know some people collect the actual booster wrappers themselves if they have a pokemon they like on them, so I figured it couldn't hurt to offer. I have Mega Mewtwo X, Mega Mewtwo Y, and Zoroark BREAK wrappers, which I'll sell for 50 cents apiece.

And lastly, I bought the collector's lunchbox ... thingy (I don't know what the official name of it is, but you know what I mean). It still has everything but the cards in it, including the tin itself; the 4 pencils with Hoopa and Pikachu; the 4 stickers with Hoopa, Pikachu, Hoopa Unbound, and Mega Rayquaza; the notepad with Hoopa and Pikachu; the miniature card binder, and a gold Hoopa coin. I bought the whole set for $25.00, but since I took the promos and all the boosters out of it, I'll bump it down to $15.00 for the whole kit. I'd rather just sell the whole set and not sell individual items from this one, so it's just $15.00 for everything you see in the picture below.

General Sales Rules
- Sales permission granted on March 20, 2015 by areica96
- All standard PKMNCollectors rules apply
- Feedback link:
- Will not sell to non-members/banned members
- Will only accept USD through PayPal as payment
- Orders WILL NOT SHIP until full payment is received
- I will negotiate prices, but please be reasonable
- Shipping costs are non-negotiable
- It is the buyer's responsibility to ask for close-up pictures if card condition is a concern. If you do not ask, I will assume that you are fine with the condition of the cards as they are shown.

Shipping Rules
- Cards can be shipped in a standard envelope for free or in a bubble-mailer for $2.00
- International shipping costs will vary depending on location
- Cards will always be shipped in a penny sleeve AND a top-loader

Trading Rules
- I am willing to trade any card I have for any card I don't have, in lieu of sales, provided it is a comparable trade (commons for commons, uncommons for uncommons, rares for rares, etc.)
- I will accept multiple less-valueable/rare cards in exchange for one more-valuable/rare card (ie: several commons for an uncommon, several uncommons for a rare, several rares for an EX, etc.). Make me an offer and I'll let you know.
- I am only collecting English cards, so please don't offer me anything else.

I have a full-breed german shepherd, and she sheds like crazy, but she is not allowed in the same room where I keep my cards. That said, there is still a possibility that allergens may travel along with shipment, so if you are EXTREMELY allergic to dogs, you might not want to order anything from me.

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