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Collection update + dragonite question

Hello everyone!
Sorry for no update; I haven't gotten anything new for awhile now.
I just purchase 2 items that I cannot wait to get my hands on.
-I was curious about the new pokemon center Dragonite: it looks so similar to the old one!
What is the difference, quality, and does anyone have any pictures of it?

Other than that I decided to show my collection!
So lets begin~
My collection consist of: Houndour, Dragonite, Ampharos, Togekiss, and Eevee, along with a few other plushies I find cute! I'm not collecting as much as I used to, so lets begin with my flats and figures~

Here re my charms and tins.

I left everything in boxes but here are my: 2 Eevee mugs, Pikachu little tales calendar, and my Dragonite sleeves.

My card collection, all that are inside the box. The top few cards are examples of my card collection + my favorites.

Now onto the kid collection!

And to the best part is to come; here is my plush collection! :3

Amphys! (L-R)
-The old bampresto Ampharos plush; this plush is just perfect!
-Custom Poketime Ampahros plush: created by Dollphinwing she is 8" of cuteness, I love her light minky color. :3
-Custom pokedoll Ampharos: created by Bubble-Rhapsody.

-Gazamimi sleeping Pichu plush: this is the smallest one, I have a larger one in my other room.
-Sleeping Tepig and the poketime Wailord plush (I love these guys, they are either sleeping on the bed or on one of my counters)

Here are my Eevees: My beloved one is the older lifesize Eevee plush and the Clapping Vee plush.

The Houndour collection:
My babies are mostly customs:
-The lifesize Houndour plush was created by: LRK-Creations.
-The top poketime beanie Houndour and the poketime Houndour on the floor sitting was created by Bubble-Rhapsody, she really did an amazing job!
-The 2 botto,m right hand side poketime laying Houndour plushies was made by Dollphinwing; she is one of my top favorite custom artist.
-There is another custom goundour plushie I love which I consider is a shiny, I forgot the artist name; and then there is the 2002 pokedoll Houndour. <3

Here are the 3 Dragonite: Pillow, Pokedoll, and my mirage who is spending time with Togekiss~
Tags: ampharos, dragonite, eevee, houndour, kids, plush, tcg
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