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Wants post!

At first I wanted to include only Entei here, but after a lot of thought I'm adding rest of Beast Trio. My collection feels really incomplete with only 1/3 of the Trio, so that's why I'm actively searching for also Raikou and Suicune. Before I tried to limit myself to only Entei merch, as he is my top fave from the Beasts. But they are completing each other so much I cannot separate them. There is something beautiful and harmonious in three Beasts standing together. I feel a really strong connection to their story and how they are related to each other. I love all Trio and I'm collectiong all Trio. <3
With that being said, here's a list of my most-wanted items.

Edit: full wants list is here:

I would like all items to be as mint as possible. All plushes MUST be MWT.
Shipping would be to Poland.

List (Beasts images are from, Raikou from and Suicune from

-ANY third movie merch that feature Entei (highest priority right now),

-Pocket Monsters anime collection Movie 3 cards 2/5/6 (images from Y!J):

-Beasts TFG (with original bases, no broken ribbons on Suicune, please),

-Raikou Banpresto plush from 2000,

-Beast Trio Picture Awase Puzzle,

-Raikou and Suicune spinner figures (don't have to be MIP, but must be with their pokeballs),

-Pokemon Model 2000 Raikou, Entei and Suicune, Coming soon!

-Pokemon Pose Figure Raikou and Suicune

-Raikou Tomy deluxe figure (2001 version). MUST be with tag,

-Banpresto keychains. And also pearly versions. MUST be with tags,

-Entei Gattai! Battle Jungle Game (I'm looking for one with figure and playset),

-New Pokemon Holder Entei,

-Pokemon In-Case collection Entei, Got!

-Celebi a Timeless Encounter Playset (MIB only),

-European Suicune Chou Get gold and silver versions,

-Metallic Suicune Tomy, Got!

Thank you for any help <3
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