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Plushie Repairs?

Is there anyone here that does any sort of service for plushie repairing? I'm not the best at sewing, and my mom is kinda.... also horrible at it. So I was wondering it there was anyone on here does know how to and is willing to receive, fix, and send back plushies for a small-ish fee for their services and the material they need to get to fix it.

I've noticed a lot that plushies I'm buying that are 2013 or older always seem to rip on me, I know for a fact they aren't fake, so it's not their build quality. So it's either i'm the roughest cuddler in the world, or the fabric is getting old and deteriorates? Or were some of these plushies not meant for cuddling and only for display? Or am I just a horrible person? (I'm really sad)

[Plushies to be fixed]

One is the foot of a small Chespin Plush, and the other pictures are of my mom's horrible stitching job that I would also like fixed too... Love you mom but... yeah.
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