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Long overdue update + birthday gets!

Hello everyone!

It's been forever and more since I last had an update, but at last I've taken pictures of my latest gets most of them being birthday (Oct 27th) gifts!

I'll start with the Secret Base dolls, I remember how when they were released I sort of shrugged at them for not being new Pokédolls... but the more I looked at them the more I wanted to collect them, by that time all the current releases were out so I had a lot of catching up to do!

The first SB I got was Lapras, which my friend Sandra kindly picked up for me when she went to Japan for a week at the begining of September (she told me how out of my top 12 list, Lapras was the only one available at the MegaTokyo PC at the time XD; ).

Having the first SB in my hands made me rush to Y!A against my better judgement (afterall I had a manga con coming at the end of October) and bid on a couple SBs that were quite cheap and got them for an amazing deal! These two are Chikorita and Mudkip (they were meant  to come together ;w; my first MMD team <3 ) who appeared in the mail today after 3 weeks flying XD;

Ditto (who a friend of mine named Pug) is one of those SB plushes I reaaaaaally didn't want at first, but fastly won me with that face... no one can say no to that face. Ditto, along with the plushes below, were birthday gifts from thedaftlynx , isouru , and a couple other friends! <3 Good thing I didn't go after a Ditto I was keeping an eye on Y!A !

Litleo is too adorable ;w; (my mom says he's a monkey everytime she sees him XD).

The following two came in two separated packages, Glaceon came along with a Vaporeon that was meant for another community member (who has already received it) and Leafeon was one of those "look at him so cheap, let's check a thousand times it's not a bootie and lets go for it" case, compared to a bootleg I own of him it's so obvious this one is the real deal! Though I must say the bootleggers chose a much softer fabric XD

And now, after three weeks flying because he believes himself too divine to touch the Earth... Arceus Hiroshi Kami-sama!

He has two namesakes, these being thedaftlynx's MiniArceus and isouru's Arceus PD, for Arceus is omnipresent (and hunting for shinies a couple years ago and bidding on so much Pokémon merch had us ""pray"" to Hiroshi Kami-sama for the outcome we wanted XD ).

Concluding the soft section of this update, we hop onto the Amiibo section!

ishtaryasha was kind enough to pick up a Mewtwo Amiibo for me on the release day, and she sent him along with MetaKnight as a birthday gift <3 Their poses are so great and I was amazed on the great job they've done on these two... I mean... look at them! So dynamic and powerful! They're now happily being displayed next to my other Pokémon Amiibo... only Pikachu left, but I'm in no hurry XD

Thanks for reading this update c: next gets (which will be later this month or early December) are really especial, since I never thought I'd be able to snatch them!
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