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Big ol' Clearance Sales Post

Hi all! I went through my closet and culled a lot of items that are either extras from my claims posts (omg the clearfiles ;_;) or just items that I no longer need or want, so I'm offering them to you all for very low prices. I have stuff from my last trip to Japan, stuff from all of the recent promotions, and random old things, as well as some freebies! Come take a look. :) Feel free to combine with any claims orders you have.

2015-11-10 09.44.19.jpg
2015-11-10 09.42.16.jpg

2015-11-10 09.37.28.jpg2015-11-10 09.35.36.jpg
2015-11-10 09.31.03.jpg2015-11-10 09.30.54.jpg


(*) Sales permission granted in 2009 by lineaalba. My feedback is here.
(*) I charge exact shipping as estimated by USPS's website, plus fees. I ship domestic and internationally. I use polymailers and bubble mailers, and small boxes. I have a cat, but he is kept away from collection items.
(*) I can be a slow (1-2 weeks at times) shipper. However, I make post office runs on Fridays and usually get things out at that time.
(*) Feel free to combine with any November claims. You will not be charged until the November claims items get here to reduce the amount of fees.

Everything is priced to sell so I am probably not inclined to haggle.

Monthly Pikachus (Sailor, Baker, Mushroom Gatherer, and Painter) - $23 each

Hip!Hop! Parade clearfiles - $3 each (I've shown the front and back of all except Swablu)
SOLD: Swablu

Mystery Mansion, Eevee Time, Pikachu Carnival, Pikachu Oops, and Pokemon XY Clearfiles - $3 each, except Umbreon's design which is $4 each (I have multiples of all except the Eevees and XY)
SOLD: All Umbreon/Dusknoir, Espeon

New Pikachu mascots (good condition with tags) - $4 each

Secret Base Charms - $3 each
SOLD: Wailmer, Lapras, Pikachu

Red Gyarados Hiroshima Exclusive - $30 (new with tags)
Pikakarp Mascot - $15 (new with tags)
Ekans Nebukuro Strap - $10 (new in package)
Ekans Nebukuro Mini Plush - $12 (new in package)
Eeveelution Decals - $3 each or $5 for a 2-pack, Take all (Sylveon, Espeon, Glaceon, Leafeon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon) for $10.

Espeon/Umbreon Promo T-Shirt (used but in good condition, the tag is frayed so I'm not sure what size it is and the sparkles are gone from the design) - $20
Eevee T-shirt from FYE - $15 (tried on once, other than that it's brand new. Size M)

Glaceon Pokemon Time T-Shirt - $15 (new - Free size)

Halloween Earrings Set (Litwick and Joltick ONLY, brand new, never removed from card) - $10

Halloween Charms + Butt Parade Charms - $3 each
SOLD: Gengarchu, Mismagiouschu, Joltik, Azumarill

GIANT Pikazard - $100 (brand new with tags, has been in plastic most of his life)
Mini Pikazard Mascot - $20 (brand new with tags)

Official Narita Female Cabin Attendant Mascot - $20 (new with tags)
Espeon DX Plush - $12 (great condition)
Sylveon Pokepuff Plush - $15 (brand new with tags, purchased directly from the Pokemon Center last year)


Eevee Pokemon Time Straps - $8 each (Jolteon, Umbreon, Espeon (no bookmark), Flareon, Eevee)
Pikachu Carabiner - $3 each (yellow and blue)
Pikados and Pikakarp Charm Set - $7

Pokemikke Beach Bag - $13 (brand new with tags in bag)

Pikachu in the Farm cookie jar - $6 (no cookies, obviously!)
Tags: azumarill, buizel, eevee, ekans, espeon, glaceon, gyrados, jolteon, joltik, leafeon, litwick, magikarp, pikachu, piplup, sales, swablu, sylveon, umbreon, vaporeon
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