Orion (pogaf) wrote in pkmncollectors,

ISO: Binders & Portfolios!

Good morning everyone!

In my never-ending quest to spend as much money as humanly possible on my TCG collection, I am currently looking for 3-ring binders.
Specifically Johto or Hoenn themed ones. They need to be at least 2". I'm not sure how many exist, if any, but I think this is the best place to try!

I am also looking for more of the 9-pocket porfolios released with every new expansion. I have a few of the more common ones. Any information on older ones, such as the original 3rd Gen EX series, would be greatly appreciated. I know the portfolios go back at least as far as FireRed LeafGreen, but I can't get confirmation of the 9-pockets appearing until Crystal Guardians. Here are some examples (click for full image) of the 4-pockets in question that I'm hoping also come in a 9-pocket form!

Thanks for any help! :D
Tags: cards, tcg, wanted, wants
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