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✿ Quick Questions About A Couple Cuties! ✿

Hello everyone!

Just a quick post today with some questions! I'll delete when they are answered~!

So these guys came in today:

First up is THIS cutie!! Honestly i'm looking for any info on it other than it looks like a 1998 Banpresto plush. I've heard it's pretty rare and i've spoken to a couple people who got theirs for around $200??
I'd just like anyone to tell me the current value of this cutie and any other info about it. I'll most likely be putting her up for auction. The real reason i bought the lot she came in was for this gem, who brings my next question:

S...S...SENTRET KUTAKUTA!! <333 I was SO excited when i saw this little golden nugget sitting happily in a lot of plushies. :3 I've been looking for one almost forever.
I'd also just like to know the value on him as well. Right after i won this lot, i also won an individual one MWT!! SO now will i have 2 or sell one?? I'm not sure yet. He is literally so cute that i might keep both of them, but i'd like an idea on his value just in case. C:

Anyways i'll have a plethora of new toys and plushies up in my sales this week sometime! I'll post again when they're ready for you! Until then...

Thank you all for looking!! :D <3
~Zigguuuupppaaaafffuuuu! >w
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