inkyblackknight (inkyblackknight) wrote in pkmncollectors,

WTB: ORAS and B/W Gym Leader/Elite Four Clear Files!

Hello there! So after scanning the net it came to my attention that for ORAS's release they made clear files of the Hoenn Gym Leaders (and apparently the Elite four, although I've only seen Steven and Phoebe?) And essentially I'm looking to try and get my hands on a couple of those, or if anyone happens to be selling a whole set I'd also be interested. I'm also looking for a few from the Black and White era. I'll make my wants list under the cut...

On with the list. These are the ones I am after as such, if anyone has them and is willing to part with them, or knows where I can get them for a fair price.

ORAS Files I'm after are...

Gym Leader Wallace (x2 if possible, as I have a friend that's also wanting one.)

Steven Stone

Also, I'm unsure if one of Elite Four Sidney exsists? I've never actually seen one, but because there was one of Phoebe I'd like to assume they made the rest of them, too? (But they might not have...I've no idea. If they did I'd be very interested in Glacia and Drake too.)

In the Black and White set they made I'm looking for the following:

Elite Four Grimsley Managed to find one!!

Gym Leader Burgh

Gym Leader Skyla (Just the one of her alone, not the ones with her and various other characters!)

I suppose I'm looking to spend anywhere up to $12 + shipping maximum per file. I guess it depends on character really, because there's some I want more than others, so it's negotiatable.

I'm based in the UK, and I'll be sending payments by Paypal.

If anyone can help me out that'd be great!! :)

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