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~ Updates ~

Hello to you all!

How are you today?
Im feeling quite happy, because I got some beautiful things, and there are still a lot beautiful things on my way!

I'll start with an update about my collection banner. It's made by our own doryphish333 !
Check it out:

She will be making also a Pikachu Collection banner, and a Want List banner! :D Aren't the Ziggies here cute :3?
(By clicking on the banner you will be transported to my
Zigzagoon collection obviously.. But I have lot's more than displayed there, I need to take new pics of all the rest hahaha!)

Next, this is what came in the last 1-2 weeks:

Bought these 2 by gaarasyami ! I didn't have any winter/Christmas items at all of Pokemon, so this year I'll change that :3

This little guy came in last week, bought this one from agui_chan . This little Pikachu stands on my desk, and watches me when I'm preparing packages for sending (I send through Facebook and Dutch Ebay, maybe in the futhur also through here :3 )

This one is made by agui_chan . I asked for a Zigzagoon bookmark and this is what came out!! :D Isn't it lovely? Although now I have an e-reader I might not be reading that much in normal books.... But it's still very cute!

Now, hereby the items which are coming my way :3 They can't be here too soon, I literally can't wait any longer!!

Omggg!! This is a dream come true, really! The Zigzagoon suction cup is one of my grails, and I am geting it! :D
Thanks aki199257 for selling me, I love this little one already!

Next, my friend and our very own absol bought a lot of these tazos, and it included 1 Zig! I actually thought I had this one already, but when I check, I didn't !! Thanks for selling me :3

These 2 Lamincards (German & Italian) are coming my way soon ! :D

Well next, I wanna ask you al something fun :) Who plays Pokemon Rumble?
I do since 2-3 months I guess. Gosh, Mega Glalie was hard to defeat...
My question, what is your highest combo ever ? Here is mine, combo of 75:

(this was this morning)

Last but not least, this made a dear friend of mine, with 4 of my favourite Pokemon!
Just wanted to share because I think it's pretty beautiful... :3

Oh, let me just put my Grail list here again, just in case... :3 (suction cup no longer)

Oh and click HERE for my full zig want list.

Thank you all for reading and have a lovely day!


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