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✿ Rare Clefairy Doll Auction & Updated Sales ✿

grail.jpg Hello Everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG

✿ Before i went to bed last night i did post my clefairy doll for auction, so please check it out! Click on the photo to go!! The auction ends in LESS THAN 3 DAYS!!

(Also please don't message me asking to sell it for less. I already recieved 2 messages like that, however i did speak with a few people who paid over $200 for their clefairy dolls, so i think my starting price is fair. (Especially considering i paid around $350 for the lot of plushies she was in.))

✿ Next, i did a *HUGE* update to my sales!! Tons of toys and plush have been added so please take a look!! :D Click the banner to see!~

✿ Lastly, i'll just make a quick bloop about my wants!
If you have any of these items for sale PLEASE let me know! I'm also willing to trade anything, even multiple items in my sales for just one item from my wants! Here are my most urgent wishes:
korean cards.jpgneed.jpgneed.jpgstickers!!!.jpgneed.jpg
~ Mood Color Changing Coin, ~ Zigzagoon Minibee, ~ Zigzagoon Korean Cards, & ~ Pokecen Promotion items(stickers, clearfile, ANYTHING relating to this promotion is in interest to me!)!

~ Thank you all for looking! <3
Tags: auction, clefairy, linoone, pokedoll, sales, wanted, zigzagoon
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