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re-intro and collection pictures!

Hi! I haven't posted anything regarding my personal collection in a very long time, reason being I've been planning to restructure it for a while (though I keep putting it off) and I simply haven't been able to actually add to my collection very much in the past couple of years, and no new additions means no collection updates. D: But because it's been such a long time since I've last posted my collection, I wanted to take some fresh pictures for a re-intro!

I've been a member of this community since 2007 and have been collecting Pokemon for just as long. Over time I've collected many different Pokemon and have since parted with several of them, but my main collections have always been Quilava and miscellaneous bird Pokemon (mostly Starly/Staravia/Staraptor, Rufflet/Braviary, Taillow/Swellow, Skarmory, Tranquill, and now, Fletchinder).

These pictures aren't my entire collection as I still have some items packed away and others are scattered about my rooms, and I apologize in advance for some bad angles/lighting and the dust that's accumulated. :( I no longer have a lot of time or energy to upkeep so many items, though if I can ever find the opportunity, I would love to take pictures of my collections in better detail.

Overviews of my main collection shelves:

Starting the closeup shots with my pride and joy, my Quilava collection. I may be a huge bird nerd, but Quilava's been my long time favorite ever since Gold and Silver were released! Accumulating all of this over time has been so rewarding, and there's even several flats I haven't taken pictures of! Someday I would really love to be able to add more Quilava customs to my collection, especially to fill the void of no official plush even after all this time... ;__;

The remainder of the left shelf set is mostly bare, but it otherwise houses my miscellaneous plushies, figures, and custom sculptures along with flying-type (and other) legendaries.

If only I had the time and energy, I'd finally convert it into an overflow area for my extremely crowded bird shelves on the right!

In fact, some parts already migrated to multiple areas of my bedroom:

Starly/Staravia/Staraptor might actually be my largest Pokemon collection. Back in the day, I adopted literally every Jakks Starly plush I found on the store shelf!

Rufflet/Braviary plushies, customs, and an exclusive B/W promo poster! I have a particular fondness for shiny Braviary!

My Steel-type Pokedolls hang out with my Gundam-themed plushies!

Finally, other parts of my collection (that are actually on display) reside in my gaming/sewing area- notably, my XY birds, which I haven't been able to keep up with collecting, though I've been gathering as many Fletchinders as possible as it's undoubtedly one of my top favorite Pokemon ever. It's a perfect combination of Quilava's traits in a bird-shaped package!

Also, I have a mini plush collection of Charizard! Charmander was my first Pokemon ever in my first Pokemon game (Blue) and Charizard still holds strong as one of my all time favorites. (Venusaur Pokedoll was a gift from my brother so I wanted to give his first starter a place alongside my first starter!)

I snapped the above collection pictures a few weeks ago (and just now got around to editing/posting them...) and have since gotten these in the mail from the US Pokemon Center site:

I really adore the Petit plushies and Secret Base dolls so I wanted to get all of the birds from those lines. ^_^ I already had the Farfetch'd and Fletchling Petits, so I believe I only need Torchic to have a complete set of Petit birds!

If you made it this far, thanks so much for looking!! And if anybody wants to see what merch of a given Pokemon that I own in greater detail, I would love to hear so I can include them in future collection posts!
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