dingyringo (dingyringo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small Gets + Sales *FREE SHIPPING U.S.*

Hey guys, Happy Veterans day! I got some figures in the mail recently

I got the new US Tomy Ash figure. I got it only for the acessories lol. The pic above is of the Japanese figure. I just swaped the arms with the american one, since it has more articulation (shoulder, bicep, elbow and wrist) and can grip the Pokeball and Pokedex.

I also got the Ivysaur, Wartortle and Charmeleon figures! Ivysaur is my fav, the vines make it a really cool figure. (don't pay attention to those other mons lol)

I'm running a holiday special from now until next Wednesday. Buy more than one plush and only pay shipping for one (up to 10, US only). I really want to find these guys new homes. Please check it out! Click the Banner!

Tags: figures, gets, pokedoll, sales, tomy
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