chaobu (chaobu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Displaying Hang Tags in a Binder?

I recently was doing some tidying up around my desk and happened upon the box that I keep all of my hang tags in.  I didn't really notice until I put them all out on my desk just how many of them I had.  The artwork is just so cute, I think it would be a shame if I just kept leaving them in that box.

I'm thinking of displaying my hang tags in a binder.  I know most of the US plush tags can fit just fine in 9-slot TCG page protectors, but I'm feeling a little stuck about the Japanese star Pokedoll tags.  Obviously, they're too big for the 9-slot page protectors, but I think they're too small for single-page protectors.  Does anyone have a good way to display them in a binder, and what kind of page protector would you suggest?

Thank you for looking!

(Also here is a shameless sales plug)
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