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Two Pokemon Centers and a Pokemon Store! :3

Hey Everyone! It's been a while since I posted anything new. ^^ Today, I'm finally getting around to posting about my trip to Japan last month. :D I originally meant to post this immediately upon my return to the States, but laziness and other things kept getting in the way. So, without further ado...

As the title says, I visited two Pokemon Centers and a Pokemon Store! :D :D :D
And although this is my second time to Japan, I have never seen a Pokemon Center before, so it was really exciting. XD

WARNING: This post is VERY image heavy. Like 100+ photos heavy, so beware.
Also note that these images were taken back in October 2015, so stock has probably changed since then.

The first stop on our list is THE OSAKA POKEMON CENTER! :D

We stayed at the Hotel Granvia Osaka specifically to be near this Pokemon Center (which was in the adjacent Daimaru building). Our original itinerary only allowed for one Pokemon Center, so I was under the impression that this was going to be the only one I would get to see. As a result, I went nuts taking pictures. XD XD

It was literally just an entire floor dedicated to Pokemon stuffs! X3

Eek! Look at that Pokeball-shaped ceiling. So cool~!

Plushies! Plushies everywhere!

COOKIES! I cannot tell you how adorable these cookie tins were. X3

I love that they had samples of what the cookies looked like, so that you knew exactly what you were buying.

Some tins even had wafers. :3

These Pikachu in the Farm cookie jars were beyond cute! (Too bad the crackers inside tasted like burnt popcorn. *Shot*)

Would it be sad to say that I bought these cookies just so that I could have the Pikachu clip? XD It was just so cute; I couldn't resist. And for anyone who is wondering (like I initially was), Icebox Cookies do not have to be refrigerated. XD

I bought one of these sock pouches for my best friend, who is an avid Pikachu lover. :3

They even had band-aids and thermometers! XD I was also really tempted to buy those tissue packs.

Pika tails! :D There were also some Slowpoke tails.

Lots of Halloween-themed stuff. I really do think that the Japanese take Halloween more seriously than we do. XP

The Pikachu Carnival section had me mesmerized for an hour. XD

This calendar was a must for me. *_*

I'm not even a Pikachu collector, but all his merchandise kept jumping out at me. XD The Pikachu in the Farm series is just amazing.

It's "Find Waldo" Pika-style! XD

I was really tempted to buy all those Legendary figurines, but I had to resist (especially due to limited suitcase space). XD

This concludes my visit to the Osaka Pokemon Center. :3 Funny thing is... When I was about one hour into taking pictures of everything, an announcement came on saying "Please refrain from taking pictures in the building." O_o At first, I thought it was directed at me, but I realized that it came on every hour. Nonetheless, oops.


This one was completely unexpected since I spotted it as we were driving by on our tour bus. Upon returning to our hotel, I did some research and found that it was literally only a 5-minute cab ride from our hotel. 8D

It was located in this building called "Hapi Naha." See the Pikachu? ;P

In case you missed him, here he is. :P

Check it out! They have Pokken Tournament. Unfortunately, I didn't get to try it, but I'm sure it would have been fun.

Okinawa-exclusive trinkets! :3 I was so glad that I got to go here and see things that I've never seen before.

Slowpoke and Ninetails hiding on the bottom.

OMG! Pikachu golf balls! XD XD

Golf ball holders! I discovered later that there are also Snivy ones.

Pikachu wind chime and Hanafuda cards.

More cookie tins!

This was the first I saw of the Hip-pop series.

They were literally in the middle of stocking the shelves with these new Pika in the Farm items. I felt so lucky to see them first hand. X3

While this store was much smaller than the Osaka Pokemon Center, I was so happy I went. It had a lot of specialized merchandise that could not be found at the Centers!

And lastly... The one everyone knows, THE MEGA TOKYO POKEMON CENTER!

It was quite the adventure finding this one. We had to catch a train to Ikebukuro and then find our way through the crazy station and streets to Sunshine City. This Center is located on the second floor of the Sunshine Building.

Jumbo Pika's greet you upon entering. XD My mom asked if I wanted to buy one and I was like "How am I going to fit that in my suitcase?!"

So much yellow.


Gacha machines! No Pikazard ones though. :(

This hat was literally one of the most expensive things in the whole store, but it sure was nice. :)

Chespin must be quite popular in Japan. Not only does he get the honor of being on more Pokemon Center logos than any of the other starters, he also had the least amount of plushies left on the shelf. XP

This Pikachu neck pillow amused me so much.

More Pikachu in the Farm merchandise. X3

Wow! Even tissue box covers. XD

And bath mats! My best friend insisted that once she gets a place of her own, she is going to have a Pikachu-themed house. I couldn't help but think that this would be perfect for the bathroom. XD

Sadly, this was the only Pikazard item I could find in the whole store. :( Isn't he supposed to be Mega Tokyo's mascot? Where'd all his stuff go?!

This clearfile was adorable. XD Not too sure what this sock series is called, but it's too cute.

Food containers! <3

Unlike the Osaka Pokemon Center which seemed to group items based on what they were, this Pokemon Center seemed to group things based on series. This is the Pokemon Time shelf.

The pixel game sprite series.

The Pokemon With You series, etc. XD

Metal charms!

Trading cards. :3 There were people that came in and bought boxes of these. I was amazed. XD

One cookie tin that I didn't see anywhere else. :D

Umbrellas too?!

And that concludes my visit to the Mega Tokyo Pokemon Center. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed with this one. Probably because a lot of the merchandise was the same as the Osaka Pokemon Center. Nonetheless, it was good that I got to go. ^^

So after all of that, you're probably wondering what I bought there. ;)

Tada! I didn't buy nearly as many plushies as I thought I would. XD

Haha. I'm the cookie monster! XD Yep, I literally had no space left in my carry-on bags and suitcase after buying all of these bad boys. To be honest, the Pokemon Center is not known for making great cookies. Worst-tasting ones were the milk tea cookies in the white tin with the pink twist-off cover. X) Still, the tins are beautiful.

I also bought a plethora of Pikachu in the Farm items! The bag and towel are without a doubt my favorites. I ended up giving the rest of the items to my best friend. These are definitely a must-have for any Pikachu collector!

Overall, I felt so lucky to have visited as many places as I did. Next time, I'm hoping to visit more Pokemon stores and find more of those specialized items. :3 Until then, thanks for reading!

Let's end this post with something funny I saw in the subway:

One of my friends pointed out how funny it was to use the word "trip" on the stairs. XD
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