itcheeee (itcheeee) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick wants and comparison question

Limiting my collecting for the month due to car repair bills, but can squeeze in one quick high want this month :)
I've been pretty much everywhere I could possibly check for this little US release Tomy Mew but never found one and am hoping to retire checking every TRU/Walmart/Barnes N' Noble I find XD

Looking to spend no more then $17 total. Here's an image of the cutie :)

Also still looking for the Jakks Swinub aswell! And any trainer items under $15 (Pokedexes, candy toy trainer gear, Poketech toys, ect.)

Also a quick question on Zoura plush for future collecting. Which non-chibi plush exist of Zoura? I'd love to see photos of any you know of or even collections of the dark fox. Hoping to decide on one or two nice accurate plush (hoping there might be a talky besides a keychain size one I know of). Thanks everyone in advance! :D

I recently got two beautiful new bookcases for my collection and hope to have a nice collection post soon. :)
Tags: mew, plush, swinub, wants, zorua
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