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A poor attempt at a plush bootleg guide video thing and some gets!

Hey poke collectors :).

I have been on and off this place for several years, mostly lurking, sometimes posting and I have bought a few things too.

Despite not being very active, I do truly love this community and am happy to see it going strong as ever ^^.

Years ago when I first started collecting I bought a lot of bootlegs etc, and it wasn't really until I found this community that I stopped, hid away all the bootlegs and started looking for legit plush, which is what I primarily collect, even if my wallet didn't agree. I am starting to come a bit into collecting again after not buying anything for a while, and while sorting through my stuff I found my bags of old bootlegs and thought maybe I could use them to help show examples of what to look for in bootlegs, so I gave it a go.

What I ended up with was a bad quality video (literally recorded on my phone) somehow ending up as 45 minutes long xD. But I think maybe it can help some people, and maybe I will redo it another time when I find a better way to record it. I hope the information is fairly accurate xD.

In truth I have no idea why I even did it, as I hate my voice with a passion, but yeah I did it so anyone who wants to have a look at it, it is here:

Generally the reason I did it when there are better tutorials here and other places is most people don't have a ton of old bootlegs like I do to give decent examples. But anyway, just thought I would post that here since I made it in the end >3<.

Anyway other than that, as I said I just started buying a few bits. So just to make this post a bit more interesting, I thought I would post a couple of gets.

First is the adorable new pokemon sleeping plush, I got the Umbreon awake version, but if my wallet didn't cry at the thought I would buy all the eeveelutions, sleeping and not as well as mew, being the two things I collect :P.

Also is a random custom eevee I found on ebay for £5, it looks quite cool and just randomly got it, was surprised at the size, was a nice little thing to add and much better than anything I can make x3.

Finally is a shirt I bought, I saw a post about a society 6 seller (which I had no idea what it was, but it seems such a great idea ^^) on here the other day, the seller name was Criminal Crow, but I forgot if they have the same name here as on society. They have some awesome Umbreon shirts and I had to get one :P. And it came this morning:

The colour is faint, but I think it looks good this way, so I am very pleased with the shirt, so thank you person Criminal Crow =3.

And well that is about it ^^. Thanks for reading my random post :P. Nice to be back ^^.

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