pepperzark (pepperzark) wrote in pkmncollectors,

updated wants and some sales

Hey guys, I updated my wants list some with more Zoroark things I really want as well as Zoroark cards that I am missing but it will probably forever remain incomplete XD go check it out! I'm open to anything and everything Zoroark as always, but what's listed is what I want the most!


The only major thing missing (besides all of the other Zoroark things I don't have!) is a Lucario plush I want but there's one currently on Y!J, I just gotta work up the courage to make an account and try to win it ^^ Any advise would be greatly appreciated :)

I'm also thinking about starting a very slow growing Zorua collection. I don't like Zorua nearly as much, but he was just so precious in the movie that it's hard not to love him! I'm thinking about getting the Talking Tomy plush. The last one I saw on the comm went for $20 and it wasn't that long ago so that's my limit on the adorable little guy if I decide to buy him ^^ If you have one for sale, let me know!

Now here's the link to the sales!-
I still need to add some things to it, but I haven't had time to take pics haha!

My 21st birthday is later this month! I'll probably be working the opening shift at my seasonal job since my bday falls on Thanksgiving break, but I'm still relatively excited (birthdays aren't really a big deal in my family, but my dad said he'd take me out to get a fancy drink <3 and I like to spoil myself with Pokemon gifts to myself haha so help me afford things by buying from my sales!:D)

This post feels lackluster, but I feel like that's what all of my posts feel like XD Let's spice it up!? How do you guys decide what to collect and what not to collect? I like to have at least one plush of my favorites if plushes of them actually exist because I've always loved stuffed animals <3 I try to keep the max of each Pokemon to two though so I have room for others! I of course try to collect as much Zoroark as I can because she is my absolute favorite, but I find that sometimes I have to decide if I really want to collect certain merchandise of her such as flats or metals or if I'd rather get a plush with that money and that's some hard decision making for me! Sometimes I regret my decisions but I can't afford EVERYTHING right now so I have to make a choice and I can never seem to figure out what to collect and what not to collect (for now) of Zoroark! Gimme some insight on how you guys decide :)
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