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Box of gets from fromjapan!

I actually got these a week ago but after the most stressful work week I had to put it off haha. But for the first time in many months I have a large box to open from FromJapan! I spent way too much on Y!J, I can't touch it for a while haha.

But let's have an adventure and see what's inside with Fennechu! (Fennechu just wants to grow up and be as popular as Pikachu)


Such a big box! What lies within?

Clefairy and Cleffa and more friends, burried in so much bubble wrap! We must free them! :o

First off the pink fairies! All were gotten at such good prices, and this Clefairy Banpresto from 2005 is seriously my new favorite Clefairy plush, it's so soft and decently sized and huggable, it's amazing! The lamp doesn't work because the seller mentioned there was some rust but I got it for less than a dollar so I don't mind lol.

Next up Banette goodies! I never thought I'd get the mug for a good price since even on Y!J people tend to ask for almost 5000 yen but when this one popped up for 2000 I couldn't resist. It's probably what drove up the shipping haha. :'D And the box and wooden clip for only 100 were a steal also!

Little cheapies I've been wanting! The Mawilite is smaller than I thought it would be so I'm glad I never paid the inflated prices back when they came out.

And lastly assorted plush friends and *gasp* lovely gifts from one of the packages! Vulpix will be for sale but came in a lot with Banette for a fair price. And yay Pokemon Time Mawile plush, I've been wanting this for so long and been waiting for one at a good price! Now to someday achieve the gigantic figure. And the towel is much bigger than I thought!

I really wish I knew which package this came with so I could thank the seller! That handwriting is so neat, the english so good (I guess they've had FJ buy stuff from them before XD ) and such cute chocolates! I've eaten one since and it's not too much my thing but I have a friend who will try the other one, but it's just so sweet of them. I love getting notes~

Thanks for reading! I should be updating sales tomorrow with lots of new items, look forward to it!
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