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Is there any merch you wish they would re-do?

Is there a collection of merch you love but dont like certain pieces of? Or a merch you love the concept of but dont like the way it's been made?

I have these feelings on some of the metal figures.. some of the molds like butterfree, lapras, golduck, vaporeon, etc are absolutely gorgeous where as others like arbok, aerodactyl, jolteon etc i wish they had done differently

list of grievances!

Charmander- not big on how they did his face BUT they released a 2nd charmander who is much cuter so they did better

Charizard- dont like his face, his mouth is straight open and it looks weird.. new charizard is better

Pidgey- wish it was fluffier

Arbok- redo entirely.. it's hard to keep it standing.. and they should change the face so the mouth is open with the fangs showing

Nidorina- needs to be bigger, it's smaller than nidoran

Jigglypuff- too big!

Poliwrath- arms and hands should be thicker

Gastly- smoke is too bubbly.. looks like soap.. should be wavier

Voltorb/Electrode- swap sizes.. voltorb is twice the size of electrode and it's DUMB

Goldeen- fins are too flat

Jolteon- lose the weird block between the legs.. makes for a simpler mold but takes alot away from the figure

Aerodactyl- make the snout longer.. the chin is against the chest and it makes his face look weirdly flat

Azurill, Skitty, Aron, + so many other new ones- MAKE THEM STAND UP!
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