Federico Canale (ffc94) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Federico Canale

New member!

Hello everyone!

I am a 21 year-old Pokémon fan from Italy that has just recently decided to start collecting! I've always loved action figure in general, but have owned just a few because there is not such "culture" where I live... but now I want to make up for the time lost and will try to gather all the Zukan and Kaiyodo figures of my favourites! I know it's going to be expensive, especially living in Europe where there are very few sellers of figures and shipping from US is definitely not cheap, but will try my best to save up and buy/trade! Any suggestion is very appreciated to help me in this quest, especially for the Zukan figures: they are definitely the ones I like the most, but it puzzles me how much the price of the same figure may vary! And more importantly, it's really a shame that all the best Zukans were released in Europe quite a few years ago when I wasn't collecting... and now the gacha balls are kind of crappy :(

Anyway, a part from Pokémon and this little complaint on how unlucky we europeans are, in real life I'm a mathematics student and am currently in Paris for Erasmus, so french owners of lovely Zukans and Kaiyodo figures do show up! ^^ I also enjoy(ed?) a lot Naruto (roughly up to the battle Naruto vs Pain and maybe some more it was like sublime) and am a super fan of Itachi!

But enough about me! How many other Zukan collectors here (I believe many)? :) How did you start?

P.S.: is there a quick way to look for sellers from Europe in here?
Tags: zukan
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