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Permanent Sales!

Hi there! This post will serve as my permanent sales post.


- Sales permission was granted by entirelycliched on 22 SEP 2014.
- All community rules apply
- My feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/raymence/
- No banned or non members
- Paypal only
- Worldwide shipping from Germany.
- I live in a smoke-free home. Most of the items were pre-owned. My pet gerbils don't touch the items . But be aware that they lose tiny hairs if you're allergenic.
- I might accept trades for Salamence line, Rayquaza, Rattata or Raticate items that I don't have yet.
- Feel free to combine your order with my TCG cards from here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/19565663.html

- Prices for the items are in USD.
- Prices do not include fees, shipping or shipping materials. I recycle shipping materials.
- I'll ship the items out when payment is cleared. Note that I can be a slow shipper. It can take several days or a week.
- Once a package is out of my hands at the post office, I'm no longer responsible for it in case it gets damaged or lost.

- Please make sure whether you only ask for a quote or whether you are committed.
- Commitmens get priority over quotes.
- Payment is required within 24 hours after I gave you a total (in case of a commitment).
- In case of a quote, please let me know if you'd like the item or not.
- If payment is not sent within time or a person backs out after a commitment, negative feedback will be left and I'll pass on to other people that are interested.

Prices for international shipping (these will be calculated in $ depending on the current exchange rate):
- International shipping for flat items is 0,90€ (up to 20g) or 1,50€ (up to 50g).
- Most items, even big ones, can be sent for 3,70€ (up to 500g) or 7€ (up to 1000g).
- If you want to add tracking, it will be an additional 2,50€.

Here's my current stock:

Big Bandai Dialga action figure from 2007 that shoots missiles. - $15
Good condition with a few paint rubs. Can be shipped internationally for 3,70€.
You can enlarge each of the images of Dialga by clicking on a picture once and then by by clicking on the picture again after a new tab has opened up.

Vintage Hasbro backback, vintage Mew capsule gashapon figure 5$ each

Everything in the picture above: 3$ each.
Bruizel and Mantyke are a set (6$) and will not be seperated.
gone: Jolteon ball, Mamoswine + marble, Bastiodon, one Giratina

Everything in the picture above: 2,50$ each.
gone: winking Pikachu

Everything in the picture above: 2$ each.
gone: Poochyena, Marshtomp cart

Everything in the picture above: 1,50$ each.

Everything in the picture above: 1$ each        - gone: Sharpedo krak, Bulbasaur krak, Squirtle

Small figures above: 0,50 each.
gone: Chikorita

Flats above - 0,50$ each.

Staks: normal ones $0,50 each, sparkly ones $1 each. Conditions vary, please inquire if you are concerned
Duplicates of some of them are available. Slaking is free.
gone: May, Cascoon, Slakoth, Gyarados, Magneton, Sableye, Gulpin, Torkroal

Big, sturdy poster. 36 x 50 cm. - $1.


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