goupix_5 (goupix_5) wrote in pkmncollectors,

An old set finally completed !

Hi everyone !

After years of research, I finally found the last plush of a very old set from 2003...


Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip 2003 DX BANPRESTO plush !!!

I FINALLY got the treecko, he was the last one to find *w*

I'm in adoration with those plushies, they are absolutely amazing, very soft (the material is so nice), sooooo cute and really well made <3 <3

There's nothing much to say, I'm so happy to have them 3, they were the plushies I wanted the most and I finally can admire the set in my room *w*

And because we all love plushies pictures, here's another set I have for the hoenn trio !

2004 Contest ribbon plushies ! (without plusle and minun)

Why Hoenn plushies are always so cute ? <3

That's all for me ! Hope you enjoyed this post ! ^^

Tags: banpresto, collection, mudkip, plush, torchic, treecko

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