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Eeveelution Extravaganza Sales!

Hello, collectors! Hope everyone's been having a great November!
I'm looking to weed the collection today- mostly eeveelution merch, but a few other miscellaneous things too!
If you can spare the time, please have a look. o vob


Information: PLEASE READ.

*Approved for sales permission on 12 January 2013 by entirelycliched
*I ship from New Zealand, internationally. PLEASE NOTE: shipping totals to USD$11 for most items. Please ask for a quote on flats because I may be able to send as a letter.
*All pkmncollectors community rules apply.
*I only accept payment as 'goods' via Paypal; please ensure to include your username and what you've purchased!
*Prices are shipping exclusive.
*Will hold items for 36 hours if committed to an item.
*Prices are in USD.
*You may haggle for the pricier items, but please be reasonable.
*Once again: shipping for items listed below will be ~$11 INTERNATIONALLY (unless you live in Australia or NZ.) It's likely the shipping will remain at $11 even if I ship 2-3 plush. PLEASE DO NOT request a quote if you aren't satisfied with this. ONLY FOLDERS or HANDKERCHIEFS have a cheaper postal rate of ~$2.50.

NB: All plush were stored in plastic bags on my shelves. Tags will be flawless unless specified.
If you want extra pictures of a certain item, please request them!

SALES: Flats (~$2.50 shipping)

Files: $9.50 each
Limited edition eeveelu handkerchief: $12

SALES: Plush Dolls

Pokemon center espeon plush: $26
Pokemon center umbreon plush: $28
Espeon korotto manmaru plush: $14

Eevee 2009 canvas plush: $48
Espeon 2009 canvas plush: $88
I Love Eievui HQ plush: $50
I Love Eievui espeon DX plush: $28
Eevee 2009 canvas plush w/out tag: $38

Substitute pokecenter plush: $35
Cubchoo pokedoll: $15
Shinx 2009 sitting canvas plush: $22

Pokedoll plush chain: $9 each.
Eeveelutions vanity case: $22

SALES: miscellaneous items

Eeveelution keychains: $9 each
Eevee and friends wallet: $13.50
Gothic Lolita Memopad/Stationary paper w/ stickers: $14
Petit Eevee post it notes (set of two): $13
Pokemon Party Time! charms: $13.50

Eevee notebook: $10.50
Pokemon Neo Card file (6 cards included): $18.50 shipped (more pictures here: Only one remaining).
Jigglypuff "room lamp": $14.50

Eevee lottery prize figure: $10
Eevee clipping figure (tip of tail has been chipped): $4.50
Eevee Chupa figure w/ ultraball: $6.50
Pokedoll charms: ($8.50 each)
Eevee Tokyo crepe charm: $7.50

Freebies w/ purchase:

Taken: NFC eevee figure.

Thank you for your time!

Tags: canvas, eevee, espeon, sales, shinx, umbreon
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