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New To The Community!!

Hello there! My name is Moths. I just got accepted into the community and figured Id make a little introduction post for myself. I have loved Pokemon ever since I was young, it was and still is a huge hobby and interest of mine and I was happy to find a community to meet and talk with other collectors!

I personally collect Charizards. Not Mega or Shinies, just the original Charizards. My collection is still small but is growing every day! I have only been seriously collecting them for a year now so it should get much larger in time <3

I will get pictures of closeups and individual items soon to put in a separate post.. but for now look under the cut to see some pictures of my non- Charizard Pokemon items and more info about me!!

All of my Charizard items are really important to me, and thats usually what I am looking for. I do have non- Charizard merch that I have accumulated over the years though! Through flea markets.. as gifts.. ect. Here are some pictures of them!

Most of these I would be willing to trade for Charizard items but I will have to get enough feedback before I can do that. In the meantime youll see me hunting down any posts with your Charizard items for sale :>

I also make myself and my friends a lot of custom things. I make fursuits, plushies, sculptures, puppets, ect.. in my free time and have been doing so for about 6 years so Ill show off my custom Pokemon work here too sometime in the future!

Hmm.. I think thats pretty much I should put here. Ill make a post at a later date of all the details of my Charizard collection. Im getting a few more things in the mail this month and Im also refurbishing some plushies I already own and making a custom sculpt for myself so Ill wait until all that is done to do so!

Thanks for accepting me into this community, I hope to meet lots of friends and fellow collectors here! <3
Tags: charizard, pokemon

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