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RARE Banpresto Water Type Figures Group Buy! ALL CLAIMED!

Long time no see everyone! ^^ I've finally gotten my life together and have come back to the community in full swing! This includes going on a web hunt for my ultimate grail...
This GORGEOUS specimen! And how can I acquire this figure you ask? By collaborating with pkmnsuicune and hosting a GB from a VERY hard to find listing for these figures * -* I've been taking Japanese in college (actually double majoring with it now ;D ) so I was actually able to read the packaging from the one picture online and used it to search. And lo and behold - I found them! :D

Here is your chance to own one of these BEAUTIFUL figures!! My sales information and details are down below! :D

-Feedback can be found here:
-I was given sales permission on 3/23/2014 by allinia
-All prices are in USD and do not include shipping/fees!
-I accept Paypal only :)
-I ship from Missouri and am not yet comfortable with shipping internationally :(
-Please allow me 2-3 weeks to ship, I am incredibly busy with college so getting to the PO may take some time!
-I'm not responsible for any damaged/lost items once they are in the hands of the post office!
-Those who commit to an item first have priority over it, asking for a quote is not committing. Terminology such as: "I will take", "I will have", and "Committing to" are the only terms I'll accept as committing. Otherwise I will read it as an inquiry and someone else may get priority over you. This is to avoid confusion and make things easier for everyone!
-Once you've committed to an item please pay within 48 hours, if I have not received payment after this time period please contact me or the item will be put back up for sale!
-Reasonable haggling is a-okay!
-Items come from a smoke free home!
-I will do holds for 48 hours if you are absolutely committed :)
-I will let you know when your item is shipped! Please let me know when you receive! This is also when I will leave feedback :) (Unless you're in need of feedback in which case I will do so after payment is received)

Sales permission granted by Areica96 on August 8th, 2015

-Feedback is here
Let me know when you recieve your item and we will exchange feedback!

-Shipping is from WA, USA, all prices in USD and do not include shipping or Paypal fees. I will only accept Paypal for payment!

-I will ship internationally - please understand that this will probably take longer to get a quote for and to ship out.

-All items come from a smoke free and pet free home.

-I ship at least once a week.

-Reasonable haggling is accepted.

-Backing out when committed results in negative feedback.

-I will not sell to banned members and I may refuse to sell to you if you have neutral or negative feedback.

-Quotes and inquiries get a one hour grace period after I reply. If you are not committed by then, I will move on to the next person that has shown interest. If you are committed, payment is due in 24 hours. If it is not sent I will move on to the next person and leave neutral/negative feedback. This rule applies to trade proposals as well.

-Holds are given on a case by case basis.

-Trades for Suicune items take priority.

-Additional photos can be provided upon request! I will not list the exact condition for each item. It is your responsibility to ask.

-I will keep shipping receipts for one month. I am not responsible if your mail is lost.

pkmnsuicune will be purchasing the whole set through her middleman service FromJapan. This means this GB will consist of 3 payments! The first for the figure itself+PP+commissioning fees which totals to $5.98 per figure. which is INCREDIBLE! The second will be for shipping from the middleman to her! And the third and final payment will be to get your figure to you safe and sound! :D
Suicune has stated that she won't be able to ship these out until after the holidays! Please be aware of this!!
I will be claiming Milotic and pkmnsuicune will be claiming Suicune!
The first payment of $5.98 will be due once all claims are filled!!
Totodile: hantsukihaunter
Lapras: splash
Gyarados: splash

Snatch these figures up while you can! I only know of 2 Milotic collectors to own this figure and have there is only ONE auction for this collection in the Y!J archives! (Yes I went through their archives...)

On another note, I cannot BELIEVE the Milotic merch that was announced for the new Ichiban Kuji!!! Including the MOST adorable Pickachu plush featuring a Milotic bow and blanket!! <33 My poor wallet ; u; But if anyone gets their hands on any of the items featuring Milotic from this promotion, I would be very interested in buying (or at least a quote)! :D
Tags: group buy, gyarados, lapras, milotic, pokemon, totodile
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