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Gets, wants and a couple of questions.

I've been super excited about what's come in the mail lately, so I thought I'd share it with all of you <3

After seeing an adorable skitty doll on here I fell in love with it and bought my own, unfortunately it got lost in the mail and I didnt hold out much hope of getting it back... So I bought another one! And would you believe it, the day after it arrived, so did the first one XD They're so soft and SO CUTE!!
They're now sisters :D

Speaking of duplicates I somehow ended up with two Venusaur Moncolle, so I gave myself a fun little project of making the other one female (There's no female Venusaur merch, what's up with that?) and added some swooshy attacking vines! Drilling holes into a brand new pokemon figure felt a little odd, but it worked out quite nicely.
*swooshy vine whip noises*

Also a couple of my most wanted items arrived as well!
Venusaur needs a little cleanup, but I don't quite know how to go about getting scuffs and stuff off so he'll stay dirty for now :p
Charizard is cool too!

I fell in love with this DX Venusaur kid and was so excited to see one for sale! Snapped it up quickly.
I love his barely poseable legs XD

Speaking of poseable Venusaurs...

I got the D-arts Venusaur figure, it's amazing! So poseable, much cool, wow!
Look at that face 0w0

I also had a bit of a fiasco with a red nendoroid that turned out to be fake, the ebay seller was kind enough to give me a full refund which made it aaaall better. Nonetheless 'Saur isn't impressed with his imposter trainer X(

And lastly I spotted a load of kids on ebay for a low price, there was 41 kids for £8, I have no idea if I got a good deal as I'm no kid aficionado, they were mostly diamond and pearl pokemon, but these were the only ones that I actually wanted.
That sandshrew is the cutest little bean <3

There were a couple of clears too, as I said I don't know much about kids so I'm not sure if I got my moneys worth,
by all means let me know :)

And that's it for my super exciting gets!

My questions and wants are actually both connected, the first is about this Raikou Moncolle, is it a new version of the older one? It looks different to me, but maybe I'm crazy. Either way I want it.

My second question is about the umbreon pokedoll, there are so many bootlegs out there that I'm not even sure what I'm looking for, Look at these images, they show three different kinds of tag!
Basically I'd like to know which is official, and anything else that could be usefull!

And that's all from me, thanks for reading!
Tags: charizard, skitty, umbreon, venusaur
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