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✿ New Friends & Sales! ✿

grail.jpg Hello Everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG

I know it is about that time for the usual Saturday Post Rush on the comm, so this post will probably get buried pretty quickly, but i have some extra time today so im posting anyways! xD
Today is a very exciting day!!
I am now officially a licensed driver, so if you're on the road you better watch out! ;D Haha!

I was going to wait to introduce these new friends until some more things arrived, but i have some time today and just can't help but show you their precious faces!

I'm so excited to have these guys here with me!! <3 I was one of the very lucky people who got one of serenitysamaa's commission slots a while back! She's remained one of my very favorite plush artists for a long time and i was absolutely beside myself with happiness when she accepted my request! <3
And here are the results! Adorable as can be!! <333
I've named two laying ones Artemis(Zig) and Apollo(Noon)! (After my favorite Greek Gods. :3 )
The tsumtsums are named Ikki(Zig) and Gumdrop(Noon)!

They will be added to my website later tonight and will probably be the last update for my website until SPRING. ;n; I know that seems like forever, but if you've noticed, i take all of my photos outside on the porch. With the weather getting colder and darker, and the flora looking all dead, and the snow storms are eeking closer and closer it looks like this will probably be my last photo shoot until the seasons of sun come back to us. :c

Next up, Sales again!! (what else is new?)
I made some new banners to make it clearer when you're navigating the different posts! :D
Please feel free to haggle if you're either buying a bunch of stuff or one expensive item! c:
Click on the respective banners to see what you want!

~ Thank you all for looking! <3
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