Tenshi Kururu Akiyama (tdotakichan) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Tenshi Kururu Akiyama

Clearance Sales

The lot didn't sell so I am going to try and clear things out individually one more time here in case someone wants something. After that I will try selling everything in a lot again around Dec. 2nd

Click the image here for the sales: plus many more!

There are some new items in stock, I lowered some prices, removed most sold items, and I updated the rules section a bit so please make sure to read it.

For every $10 you spend you can pick any $3 item for free!

Ex: $10 purchase>pick any $3 worth item free, $20> another $3 worth item or get a $6 worth item free, $30> $3 item or get a $9 worth item free, etc.

If you spend $40+ you get free shipping. Or, if you buy 3 or more of the same character(ex: 3 or more Leafeon items) you get free shipping!

I am likely to go the post office on the 19th and/or 23rd so make sure you have sent payment on time if you want the package to be sent out by then.
Tags: cards, charizard, cinccino, dialga, eeveelutions, fennekin, leafeon, lucario, sales, suicune, sylveon, vulpix, zorua
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