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new addition + restuffing questions + wants

hi, everybody! i was going to wait to make this post as i have two more large additions in transit as i post this, but i have some specific questions about this guy and i figure i'll just go ahead and introduce him now!

play by play bulbasaur! he has no name yet, so if anybody wants to suggest any, feel free. he's the 16" long version (give or take...a step down from the largest which is like 24-32") and absolutely perfect! or as perfect as i could ask for. he's soft to the touch and his eye damages are minimal and unnoticeable from a distance. he's stuffed decently with a nice, firm bulb and he has no stains or tears. :) however, due to the nature of carnival stuffing (aka that it's junk and not huggable and overall smelly and bad lol), i really would love to restuff him. the problem is, i have never cut open, restuffed, and resewn anything before lol. let alone a plush i really care about! the original seam is rather small for a plush of his size (pictured below)

should i make a longer cut for easier stuffing? what's the best way to do this? i know that the best stitch is the ladder stitch but i've never done one before, so is it easy enough to learn or should i find a seamstress (or community member?) to take on this minor restoration for me? i want to make sure he keeps his beautiful shape because, really despite the awful stuffing, he looks terrific shape-wise.

so yeah! that's my new baby. :) i should mention that i've been looking for a fluffy, soft play by play bulbasaur of this size for the past year and a half or so. they pop up every so often, sure, but they're usually in worse shape or way too rich for my blood. i got this guy at a generous price so i'm stoked.

ON AN UNRELATED NOTE, I HAVE CREATED A PERMANENT WANTS POST ON MY JOURNAL (wip). :-) If you have any of these items for sale, feel free to shoot me a message or comment.
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