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November Mod Post (11/14/2015)

November Modpost

Hello everyone! It’s been a long time since our last lengthy modpost, so please take a moment out of your busy schedules to read through the newest updates. We’ve been busy working around the clock these past few months, so this will cover quite a few problems we have noticed.

Suggestion for GAs:

It has come to the moderation staff's attention for a while now that people are getting outbid on their GAs. While noppin is a nice middleman service to use, we suggest to try using other deputy services when hosting GAs. The internal bidding within noppin causes trouble, because although you raise $1000, the lot goes for $10, if someone within noppin puts $1001, they will get the lot. It is just a suggestion, but we can't force you to use a specific middleman service.

New Rule:

Harassing moderation staff (be it on LJ or off) is unacceptable. If you are found to be harassing a moderator, there will be consequences up to and including being banned from the community. If you have issues with a particular member of the moderation team, please feel free to reach out to another moderator and respectfully explain the situation.

Context of new rule: The moderation staff is here to help the community run efficiently & smoothly. We are here to help address issues in a timely manner. Keep in mind, we are also human and aren’t on our computers 24/7. Sometimes life gets in the way of us replying to you right away or within a few hours. Please be understanding of this. We’ve received slanderous PMs, comments and noticed quite a few posts on other social media bashing us. It isn’t pleasant to read, and we have everyone’s best interests at heart.

RAP & Suggestion Boxes:

For older members who may have the old links bookmarked, please remember to switch over to our new system for tackling issues within the community. We still receive notifications on the old pages, but we are encouraging the transitions into the newer pages. If you are reporting a problem or making a suggestion, please remember to leave your username or email so we can contact you for follow up if need be. We don’t necessarily reply to all the members who give in reports, but we do address all the issues. Do not think that we are ignoring a comment, we just simply think sometimes those members don’t need follow-ups.

Rule Reminders:

- This is a community about Pokemon merchandise. Please do not post issues regarding your personal lives or the world. If the focus of your post is not about Pokemon merchandise, it is considered off topic. Please keep this in mind.

- As usual, the max allowance for pictures outside of cuts is 500 x 500 px. We’ve noticed an increasing trend especially with newer members that they are not following this rule. There are various tutorials on making LJ cuts on the sidebars – please check them out.

- PM transactions are not under the jurisdiction of the community! We’ve received a multitude of complaints this past few months regarding issues happening within deals occurring via private message. We cannot monitor off community transactions, so if you are ever hesitant, make a post and do a deal on the comm. Also, transactions held via PM or off the comm do not permit feedback. A transaction must be on the community to warrant feedback.

- The 35-day rule. If your buyer does not receive their item within 35 days of payment, and you are difficult to contact, a dispute may be open. Please keep all receipts from your sales posts just to protect yourselves from any potential issues that may crop up. We realize that the paypal limit has been increased, however, we still highly suggest opening a dispute while an issue is fresh in your head.

● If the buyer chose seamail, as this is the slowest form of shipping.
● If a natural disaster or strike is affecting the mail system.
● If the item in question is a custom-made item.

- On any post wherein an exchange of goods will occur, please remember your sales permission and from whom it was granted. We are seeing a lack of these in posts, and if this persists you might hear from us.

- Please remember to leave feedback on any sales, purchases or trades! Thank you!


As per the norm, feel free to discuss any of this in the comment section below. We’ll be in and out all night and tomorrow addressing any questions, concerns, suggestions or comments.
We hope you all have had fantastic weeks, and enjoy the rest of your weekends! ( )

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