star_inked (star_inked) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My long overdue intro

Hey members!

My name's Sabrina and I joined the comm about 4 months ago, but this is my first post. Recently some good changes have happened in my life and in September I took a job I wasn't expecting to be offered. I'm originally from America, grew up right outside of Philly. After I graduated, I moved to Japan and haven't left.

I collect pikas, and wasn't too serious about it until I saw the Pokemon Center has pikachus as other Pokemon. When I'm not working, I play on my DS and watch TV. I cracked my DS, so I don't do much of the latter any longer, but I'm still determined to finish Omega Ruby.

It's really nice to be apart of the community. I hope to become an active member once work and life settles down.
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