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Overdue gets and Sales

Hey all! Man its been like what, a couple months since I last posted something?? well I have a loooooot of stuff to show.

But first, this December im going to be going to new york and im gonna be stoping at nintendoworld! Does anyone know what there gonna be doing around that time or what merch is gonna be displayed?

...Anywho, on to the gets!

Its the notched ear pichu and the relrease of the slowpoke pokedoll! Both were bought from the com in the summer.

More babies! All of them are minky and only greninja is mwt. Lapris is the minky rerelease and darkrai is the original 2007 release. All of them were purchased from the com except greninja, he was from banette's toybox.

RAICHU POKEDOLL OMG!! ok so this little guy is a big milestone for me as a pokedoll collector and he's usually one of the more expensive pokedolls. But I got him from pandaeatworld's auction for a decent price, and he is so worth it! He's super chubby hugable~ Speaking of hard to find....

MWT Lugia AND Entei!! God, you dont know how long it took me to find a entei with a tag >.> But im glad they're both here. Lugia was also bought from pandaeatworld's auction.

A group shot of all of them now all I need is celebi hahaha

Another group shot, this time of the sinnoh starters! I got these and the next couple photos in an action on buyee. There all tto

From the same auction, original vebola release of torchic and mudkip. Both of them are HIGHLY loved and are very, very pilled. I really like how the mudkip has a little ribbon tied around its neck.

Last of the same auction. I guess totodile is a banpresto. I looked up the ampharos and apparently it was a lottery prize back in 2000. Both of them are pretty loved as well, chipped paint of the eyes, ampharos's neck wont stand straight and there tush tags are pretty faded and ripped.

Another auction from buyee, this time it was a flats lot! These two stickers seem to be from a cooking promotion?? I really dont know much about them

More giant stickers

These two I'm really interested in. I really dont know what promotion the one on the left comes from and the one on the right seems to be pokedoll related? If anyone knows that would be great

Some old tomy stickers, they still had the price tag on the back sides of them. These are gonna be for sale.

The last of the new gets this old game guide of silver and gold and guide to pmd explorers of darkness! I really like these old game guides they remind me of my childhood.

I really like how the pmd guide has a little comic at the end of it, its super cute

To finish this up take a look at my tiny garchomp collection! the only things here new are the tcg box and the gible chou figure.

I recieved sale promission july 8th, 2015 by skdarkdragon
my feedback can be found here

Pokemon pmd gates - 20
Mew hat - 40 (I really didn't know how to price this, the only other one I found was from ebay for 79.99)

Piplup pokedoll tto - 10 (very slight spot on top of the head)
Torchic pokedol tto - 5 (very very loved, part of the feather on the top is coming off)
Ampharos plush - make a offer

tomy stickers on the left (features pikachu, snorlax, slowbro, mew, sandshrew, mr. mime and marowak) - 6
tomy stickers on the right (features pikachu, voltorb, dratini, ditto, pigeot, seel and dragonite) - 6

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