mothsicles (mothsicles) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Custom Charizard Sculpture

Hey guys! I finished a little project I have been working on in between costume commissions last night. Its a Charizard sculpture! I used to sculpt Pokemon and other things all the time and decided I should get back into it..

This is the first to the series of them I will be making! I will offer commissions for these on here after a while (still need to go through the process of getting accepted to sell things) but for now Im just going to be making them for my friends to get more examples in.

Look under the cut for better pictures of this guy~!

He is made out of sculpy and painted with acrylic paint. His base has a metal frame under it so its really sturdy!

I even painted the under side of him before I attached him to the base permanently. The sculpture is dated and signed underneath as well :>

(I blotted out my full name for obvious reasons, my actual name is Sydney! I still prefer Moths online though so please continue calling me that).

I am making an Ampharos next and then a custom Pokesona for my girlfriend! That one will be a Banette. Ill post those when I make and photograph them!

I hope you guys will like them <3

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