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Classy's second anniversary post~

Hi all!! It's pretty much been two years since I joined this wonderful place, so I took the time to take some pics of my full collection!! :D I've noticed a lot of new members, so I'll post a reintro and pics under the cut!

Hiii!!!! I'm 23-year-old single cat&hen mom, and am from southern Mississippi~ since I am not lucky like those in Californa and Washington who have access to legit anime shops and PC vending machines, I came across this neat place and was so happy I found somewhere to buy awesome Pokemon merch! I'm not as active as I used to be, but i still love this place very much and plan to participate in the fun events coming up in the near future I'm sure. ^_^ My main collections are team rocket and Persian, but I also like to get a plush of my other favs like Raichu and Charizard~

When I was 8, I had a gorgeous, to pure for this world of a kitten named Persian, I named her as such bc she looked like a real life version of the poke baby! On a sad day, my neighbor accidently ran over her and she passed instantly... To this day I still miss her, as obsessive as that may sound, so I collect Persians as a tribute to her!

I casually collect shiny Pokemon, can you count how many I have? ;)

Eeee!!!! I got this dragonite to celebrate my 2nd year, I love him omg! @-@

I was so pumped when I got my rai rai and southern chu from sunyshore!! The Litleo always had a place in my heart too!!

My team rocket pokes! Oh yeah, look at wobba and his lady~ so swag 😏

I don't have many clearfiles, but I love the ones that I have~ I wish it came out better, but I was given some really nice Persian cards from members of the comm over my time here. :)


Such cats~

I have a team rocket card as well, I'm just to lazy to find it X___X

My cat pretty much took over my Pokemon blanket... She won't come in if its not there >_<

Poke style TV and gaming shelf whoooo~

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read!! :3
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