munnaluv (munnaluv) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Wants. :)

Looking for the Poochyena Hasbro Beanie and Poochyena Banpresto UFO. I know they're available online, but I was hoping I might be able to get them cheaper here? Fingers crossed, haha. (Also the 12" unofficial plush, if anybody has it? The Mightyena one too. Thanks!)

Next important wants-- the Pikachu and Friends Kuji plush. Dedenne with berry (highest want), Eevee with berry, and Pikachu.

And just in general, I have most of my main Pokedoll wants, so now I'm looking for Japanese Secret Base Pokedolls and anything Pokemon Center that isn't currently on the website. Some things are more priority than others, and I'm picky and stingy, but I bought a bunch of stuff on here in the past week so you know I will buy things, haha! (Sorry for all the wants posts- I just got a lot of money yesterday. xDD)

(Also looking at unofficial 12" plush for cheaper than online price.)

Thanks guys! :D
Tags: mightyena, poochyena, wants
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