kaulitzie (kaulitzie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wanted: UK/EU Pokecen plush sellers!

Hey guys! I planned to post my wants along with a big 'gets' update - but I'm still waiting on quite a few of them to turn up/be completed so I figured I'd just go ahead and post my wants while I'm waiting c:

Not seeking any particular Pokemon, I'm just after any Pokecen/Pokedolls that I don't already have - from fellow UK/EU dwellers as to avoid the crazy postage prices of buying from the US! I already own Mega Sceptile, Gogoat, Treecko, Mega Venusaur, Chesnaught (Pokedoll), Rockstar Pikachu, Artist Pikachu, Slowpoke (Pokedoll), Quilladin, Treecko (Canvas) & Mudkip (Canvas) so I don't want them c:

Please post or message what you've got! <3
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