lalaraikkonen (lalaraikkonen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Merch in Taiwan?

Hey there! I'm super excited about going to Taiwan next month, it's been a year since I was there! Anyone here familiar with Taiwan? I was wondering if you guys have any tips of where to get some merchandise. Many years ago, I would go to the night markets to get figures but in the past few years I've seen less and less in the night markets. I'm going to be mostly in Taipei, are there any anime stores that anyone here knows about? I know there are anime stores, just don't know where. None of my friends and relatives there are really into anime or Pokemon so they don't really know. I'm actually looking for some older merch so even older, rusty stores would be good to know. Some places that sell bootlegs sometimes have a few official items.

And as always, I'm desperate for this poseable Haxorus figure!

(not my photo, image can be removed upon request)
Please let me know if you're selling it, or you've seen it being sold somewhere!
Many thanks!
Tags: haxorous
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