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Charizard Gets + eBay Lot ending in one day + SALES!!!

I've got a new BIG eBay lot ending in LESS THAN ONE DAY!!! I meant to post in the comm about it earlier but didn't manage to get the time in the end.. ^^; Better late than never!! Your one time to grab this since there are starting bids on it already!
Click the pic to go!

It's been a while, but some surprisingly nice Charizard gets... ^q^

A super huge coin bank!! The wings can rotate a bit like a steering wheel, LOL. Coins go in the mouth! Isn't it so adorable and gigantic... XD;;; Yes, it stands well over a foot tall to easily become my largest Charizard figure ^q^; I'm so happy with it!!!!

A plastic sliding puzzle that comes in its own frame and stand! This is actually super sweet and it's something I'd totally keep at my work desk if it weren't crowded with plush already lol... Probably sometime next year :) Combines my love for the kanto trio with Pikachu on Charizard's back! So much win ^q^

Sales plug! Lots of new updates once again~ Discounts still available for comm members! Will add them to the full sales rules later when I figure out how to re-organize the main page, because even that's getting over the word-limit LOL.
Preview of new items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )
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