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☆ Collection update & mini grail + WANTED: PC iPhone 6 cases

Hey you guys. I feel like I haven't posted since forever ago. But here I am! :') And I am ready to share these fluffy things with you.
It's an ADORABLE custom amigurumi flaaffy handmade by blupanther. <3 More pictures under the cut.

Ok so, I've decided to name this little amigurumi. His name is Meek! Meek is cuddled up with his fellow flaaffsters!!

I've also added a few flats n things to my collection. I gotta say, I really love how cute this setup looks. And I'm so happy to finally own the Pokebox charm! Annnd I love these pan stickers so much - thanks splash <3

Here is an overview of my entire flaaffy collection! My flaaffy collection started...about 2-3 months ago? I think I'm doing OK so far. I do have a custom plush in the works so I'm super excited about that. Anyway, feast your eyes on da flaaffs!

I took this picture because I thought it would be funny. :)
~now wave ya tails in the air like ya just don't care~

Now, a very special POKEDOLL update!!!
I am beyond excited to share with you....
A mini grail of mine....

A MWT PHANPHY POKEDOLL! It is the 2005 version. Absolutely precious. Perfect. So happy.

Here is my entire pokedoll collection. I am trying to focus on gen 1-3 pokedolls as you can see. :) I hope to add houndour, ho-oh, togepi, igglybuff, absol, spheal, duskull, raikou, and entei to my little collection. Maybe you can help with that? ;)

Thank you for looking! You guys have no idea how much I appreciate being a part of this lovely community. But before you go...click the banner below if you feel like trading!

**~~** P.S. I am LOOKING TO BUY Pokemon Center iPhone 6 cases. I don't have a specific case in mind; I just want to see what's out there. Let me know if you have any for sale! **~~**
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