Nick (chain) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Holiday Sales

Hey guys, I'll be going overseas at the end of the month for a few weeks so I'm putting up as much as I can for sale before then. I've reduced prices for most of them already, but now I am open to hearing offers. I need as much of these to go before I leave, or else they're going to catch quite a bit of dust, and maybe cobwebs so shoot me your best offers. I also have some items on eBay here.

Click the banner to be transported.

Also, would anyone be interested in EU amiibos? I've got quite a few including Charizard, Greninja, and Lucario.

Hope everyone has a great holiday season! I'll be posting part 2 of my collection update over the weekend. (Hopefully!)

I'm going to sleep now. I'll respond as soon as possible when I'm awake.
Tags: figures, plush, pokedoll, pokemon center, sales, tcg
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