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Ichiban Kujichus GB + Quick sales + IS THIS REAL LIFE?! GRAIL

Hi guys, I'm back with a multipost!! On a few days I'll fix all my sales post and take new pictures since most of it was sold... By now I have a quick sales with some stickers I printed too!! ^^

First of all, I'm sorry for taking so long but the Post Office has been super slow lately so FINALLY the Ichiban Kujichus GB has arrived! All the items are on good condition. All the info is under the cut...
The totals include both shipping from the middleman to me(and some fees) and from me to you. Since all items weigh about the same (the towel a few grams more) I've splitted it by item. Payment two is 2,14$+shipping. You can send it to caeolos (at)

mandamaeh 4,49$ including paypal fees
zigguppafu  4,94$ including paypal fees
absol 5,33$ including paypal fees

I have some quick sales with bell keychains and custom stickers for sale:

8$ each: Moltres
5$ each: Charizard, Venusaur, Blastoise
3$ each: Pikachus, Togepis
SOLD: Dragonite, Zapdos, Articuno
Each sticker is 1$ or buy all the eeveelutions for 7$.

And finally... Something really AWESOME... THE GRAIL. MY ULTIMATE GRAIL...
I made, a long ago, a post about something on Rakuten... kuro_kage_kun sent me a PM about an item on Rakuten auctions, my grail. I can thanks you enough for it, really :___ I wouldn't have seen it...

It was super cheap and it had a BIN price, I got mad. Politoed is one of my main collections and it's the only "main" item I was missing. I have never seen other for sale, indeed I know it exists only because toedychan had it so I didn't expect to get one... So I panicked.
I tried to use FromJapan at the moment but it didn't work, I told it to my boyfriend, he panicked and he BIN'd it! He just bought the Politoed and when he was ready to put the address it didn't work since you need to be from Japan. We panicked more.
Luckily he asked a friend that she's living on Japan at the moment and she helped us to buy it. Indeed, he wouldn't have arrived to Spain since the seller sent it with just a bag! Poor guy ;_;
Anyway, the point is I HAVE IT!!! FINALLY!!! I CAN'T REALLY BELIEVE IT!
He's tiny and from Banpresto and he has that super long strap I don't know what for xD
I love you...
And since Christmas and my birthday is the next month, I'm still looking for some guys for buy or trade (well, not Politoed anymore). My main grail at the moment is Larvitar and I really expect to find it one day D: I'm not lucky with Larvitar neither Marshtomp...
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