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new addition to like almost every collection that I have + opinions, please?

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've posted because of school and stuff... ><
I hope everyone has been doing well, both with school/work and with collecting! :)
I've gotten a few gets since last time, but unfortunately my phone is out of battery, so that may have to wait! ^^;

So I bought some fineliners from Opus in the summer... And they ended up being $2 cheaper when they came in a bundle with these books. Weird, huh?

But I though, eh, they're kinda boring and black, right? Let's spice 'em up...

So um, that happened. ^^^^^
I just drew a bunch of my favourite Pokemon and just started sticking random things on it (one of my friends gave me a bunch of deco tape so I was like @-@ LET'S DO THIS

Kinda crazy, huh? I was wondering if any of you had any other ideas for me to decorate the other two books with? >v< please let me know!

Thank you very much!

So my mom told me that since I'm really into collecting, she'd give me one Pokemon item for Christmas, but also she said that it also has to be useful. Or at least kinda useful.

((pic from eBay, please let me know if it has to be removed!))

I've wanted this bag for the longest time! I'm a huge messenger bag and backpack enthusiast (I never go anywhere in the world or shopping without one of the two!) and this... this beauty is BOTH. I love the colours and the style!
I found a few on eBay, but they're really expensive! @-@ My mom said that even though it's Christmas, she still isn't willing to spend that much money on my present ;v;...

So I was wondering, for those of you who do have this bag, or other bag/wallet/pouch merch from this promotion, was it worth it? And if you don't mind me asking, how much did you get yours for? Do you think that it's quite sturdy (it doesn't have to be hiking gear, haha), well, at least sturdy enough for it to last if I take it travelling/shopping as my personal bag? Will the gold eventually rub off or something? @-@
Please let me know! Any info would be helpful. >v<

Ah! Also...
My mom and I agreed that we both really like the blanket from the new Kuji:

((image from, please let me know if it has to be removed ><))

I would love to use this blanket (as decoration) for my new bed! It has a gold metal frame and I was hoping that I could make my room more Fairy/Shaymin themed!
I'll actually be heading to Hong Kong again for the winter to visit some of my friends :D Last time one of them took me to this... um... really big place (I don't remember the name but she said she'd take me again) that sold a bunch of anime/Pokemon merch! For those of you who may be familiar with the area, do you think that they would stock the Kuji prizes? The soonest I can go there is the 23rd, I believe, although I am arriving earlier. >< It is tempting to participate in the claims, but I pretty concerned about shipping costs and stuff...

I also wanted to ask how you guys display items that belong to more than one Pokemon collection? My itsbirdy drawing is currently with my Altaria/Chatot stuff because that's kind of the only place with room... but I kind of want it to be displayed with my Shaymin stuff, too! @^@

Lastly, I found some stuff that I really want off of Amazon JP, however it is a very busy time for my friends in Japan and I would not like to trouble them... Do you guys order off of Amazon JP? Is there a way to buy internationally that isn't too expensive? (I don't mind using a middleman, but I looked at FJ and it seems pretty expensive @-@)

Thank you very much! >v<

And last but not least...

Please keep in mind I am a high school student and I don't have a lot of money to spend at the moment...
However, please let me know if you have the item(s) and are willing to negotiate prices! >< Please do not feel offended if I turn down your offer though... ><

((pic from Amazon JP))

This shirt (can be slightly used, since I plan on wearing it. I don't need the tag but would prefer one, if there was one. I would like one in medium!)

((pics from Amazon JP))

Everything and/or anything from this promo except for the scrunchie, because I have it. I swear that this promo is the bane of my existence. I am looking for something not too much different for what the items were sold for. Again, I don't have a ton of money! ><

((pic from Amazon JP))

This iPhone 6 case. I want to get it for my mom for Christmas, but if I can't find one for a good price I'll probably just buy something else ^^;

And last but not least:

((yet another pic from Amazon JP))

This beret! It's soooo cuute omg <3
It's not a huge priority for me right now, though.

Thank you very, very much for reading!

I look forward to posting again! :)

- Ninfia
Tags: altaria, chatot, custom, keldeo, meowstic, pikachu, shaymin, swirlix, sylveon, wanted, wants
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