eeveeboo_2 (eeveeboo_2) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New people!!

Hi im new I collect eeveelutions, and im in the process of making a craft table for them.

1998 eevee
2011 tomy eevee
2013 banpresto keychain eevee
Chupa eevee
Clipping figure eevee
Ippa eevee
Ball and chain eevee
Eevee charm

1999 vaporeon
Ippa vaporeon
2011 tomy vaporeon
2013 tomy vaporeon

Ippa jolteon
2000 jolteon
2011 jolteon

Ippa flareon
1998 flareon
2011 tomy flareon
Itty bitty flareon (I don't know what its from.)

Ippa espeon
Tomy espeon
2011 espeon

Chupa umbreon
Pencil topper umbreon
Tomy umbreon
Ippa umbreon
2011 tomy umbreon

Tomy leafeon
Ippa leafeon
2011 leafeon

Tomy glaceon
Ippa glaceon
2011 glaceon

Clipping figure sylveon
Several ippa figures
Tomy sylveon
Ball and chain sylveon

I collect figures so if you have one i dont have comment a pic and a price.
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