h1tchh1ker (h1tchh1ker) wrote in pkmncollectors,

"Seaking" a Seaking.....lol

Hi there

I recently got a beautiful Ranchu goldfish, and the more I look at it the more I am reminding of one of my fav Gen 1 evolution lines: Goldeen and Seaking.

So I am looking for the Goldeen and Seaking Zukan. Must be in great condition with original base/pegs.

*note, that pic was actually from my own sales thread about 3 years ago.....oh how I am kicking myself now..lol*

*also, is it just me or is the "post to community" button too close to the "leave community" button...I get a little scared every time I post something..lol*

Anywho, if you have the line for sale, can I please have a quote of it to Canada please.

Tags: goldeen, seaking, wants, zukan
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