itcheeee (itcheeee) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Show me female trainer merch! (especially May/Haruka) + lifesize Mew wanted!

Much like the title says, I'm looking to see what merch exists for the female player trainers(or their items like Pokedexes, their Pokemon, ect). Especially my personal favorite being May (or Haruka in Japanese :P ).

Not necessarily looking to buy but moreso to know what merch is out there to compile a wants list :) Would love to collect the trainers I've played through my games as besides my ongoing team plush project :D

Will have a collection post and a gets update for my first handful of monthly gets(and a few extra things I got for Christmas xD ) here within the week! Thanks to everyone who's helped my collection grow <3

Second topic, seeking the 1:1 Tomy talking Mew plush released around the late Advanced era. Can do payment plans! :)
Thanks everyone! :D Happy collecting!

Also. Does Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon have a pre-order bonus in any way in the US anywhere? Thanks!
Tags: mew
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