accio abarero! (abarero) wrote in pkmncollectors,
accio abarero!

Seeking info/items for some pokes:

I've gotten some of my major collections (Braviary, Froslass) close to finished and decided to seek out a few of my other favorites only to find that there's barely anything out there. So I turn to you, oh great community, in hopes that perhaps you know of (or, even better, are selling) some of the rarer pokes I seek.

First and foremost- is there anything for Florges aside from the charm? It's one of my fave Gen6 pokes and I'm kind of shocked to find nothing for it.

Secondary- looking for some final evolution pokes that don't get near the amount of merchandise their earlier forms do. Especially interested in merchandise outside the normal kids/tomy figures- if it exists.

Looking for the following:
- Talonflame (I only have the kid right now)
- Gourgeist (I am aware of the large plush, but is there anything else?)
- Archeops (I have the kid)
- Mandibuzz
- Volcarona
- Steel Wormadam (I have the Jakks figure)

and looking for rarer/more unique items for Serperior and Delphox as well (anything outside the standard tomy figures, kids, pokedolls).

Overall, I'm pretty much interested in most items, though I'm not as big on flats/charms (it has to be something special) as I am figures and plush.
Tags: archeops, delphox, gourgeist, mandibuzz, serperior, talonflame, volcarona, wants, wormadam
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