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Looking for Elephant! Wooper / Phanpy Trade?

Hey guuuys :D
I finally finished my BA thesis!!! :) So now, I can be on the comm more often again and the stress is over :D I will make a super awesome gets post within the next few days/within the next week too :)

But first, I am here with a want!

This little elephant! <33
I love elephants, so I am looking to TRADE FOR PHANPY POKEDOLL

This is my number one rare Pokedoll want right now.
I tried bidding in a GA for it recently, but sadly the GA was lost. :(
Since I don't really have the funds right now anyway, I'd rather like to trade.

So I thought I might offer my WOOPER POKEDOLL for trade.

I'd really prefer a Phanpy over Wooper.
However, I am not too familiar with the rarity/price on these two guys, but if Phanpy is worth more, I am willing to pay a little extra besides the trade - howevver, earliest I could pay would be December!

Wooper is without hang tag, but has his tush tag. However, he doesn't have his S sticker anymore. He is legit though, and has velboa fabric like it should be ;-) His condition is not totally mint anymore, but not loved either, he is in very good condition, though he might be a little dusty.

I don't care for Phanpy's condition whatsoever! I also take loved condition, the only requirement I have is that he is not broken or ripped up or totally dirty or something. Don't care about tags either, I'd rather prefer without hang tag, and tush tag or not - I don't mind!

* I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 01 DEC 2013.
* My feedback can be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/j_ule/
* I ship from Germany, and shipping for Wooper would be around 4-5 dollars (will check in more detail when required)

If anyone has one of these cute little elephants and wants a Wooper, please let me know :) Or if you know someone who has one, please also let me know!
Thanks guys <3
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