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Giant collection update, re-introduction and 1,5 year anniversary !

Hello everyone !

It's been more than a year since I posted pictures my collection on the community - Schoolwork often got in the way and packages kept coming and coming. 2015 has definitely been my lucky year, because I found almost all the items I was wishing for ! I also have been a member of the community for one year and a half now, and I have to thank all of you for being so nice to talk with and so helpful.

I haven't posted a lot since October of 2014, so maybe a short re-introduction could be useful ? Well, I am roussil, I will soon be 16 years old and I am French. My goal is to work in the video game industry as a concept artist / character designer, so you can guess drawing and video games are my two biggest hobbies. Hopefully, they will soon stop being hobbies in one year and a half, and they will if I happen to be accepted in the school I dream to be accepted in !

I bought my first Sylveon item, the japanese TOMY plush, in July of 2013, then bought a few items in 2014, and seriously started to collect in early 2015, when I began to have a lot of luck. When you start collecting, seeing full collections and crowded shelves is almost surreal, don't you think ? I never thought I'd get more than one or two items I wanted, but thanks to the 50 euros I was allowed to spend each month, at least three Sylveons came in the mail every few weeks. Here they are !

At the end, I also would like to show my non-pokemon Grailest Grail, because a member of the community helped me to get it. It's in a separate cut in case you aren't interested !

Here is my display ! My room is quite small, so it stays on my desk. It's quite nice to have all that pink and light blue in front of me when I study, even if the plushies at the top sometimes lose their balance and fall on my head.

Let's start with the lower shelf. It's pretty crowded, especially now that the two Kuttari plushies are here ! The Pokédoll here is a US version I got from Taobao, while the MPC is in used condition and is sometimes attached to my bag.

It's pretty difficult to take a proper picture of this shelf, as it's badly lit. Here are all the Takara Tomy figures together, with a little bit of scenery to compensate the small size of the figures compared to the shelves. My favorite of them all is the Fairy Collection Sylveon sitting on top of the flump candy-scented bottle of soap. I got it just before moving into my new place.

More plushies ! I got the large talking plush for Christmas last year, but after picking it up from the post office, we had to go to a store which is quite far away from where I live. Holding this plush in its large pink box felt weird but gave me warm fuzzies, as it had been more than ten years since I had that sort of item as a gift. The packaging was especially endearing, with all those pastel colors and drawings of apples and music notes. It really reminded me of the toys I used to have a long time ago. Also, the plush itself makes adorable noises ! On the other hand, the standing Pokécen plush is the first item I won in an auction on the community, and it wasn't difficult because I had absolutely no competition, haha.

Next is my Tomy plush and various figures. I had ten tons of luck to get that standing Kid Figure, and for a very good price ! The sitting one came a long way from Hong Kong during the summer of 2014, for less than four euros, too. You can also see the small Chupa Chups figure, which I got from Pokévault.

Plushies and figures ! The two small Banpresto Sylveons are adorable, and let's say the mint MPC was painfully adorable because I paid it 41 euros, which is a lot. Also, the Kaiyodo figure surprisingly comes from the Czech Republic !

The Poképalré plush was my first ever impulse buy. After moving in my new place, I had no Internet connexion for a month and a half. I saw the plush just after regaining the Internet connexion and there were two left. I answered a phone call and refreshed the webpage, only to see that one of them had been bought ! My dad thankfully accepted to hurry to purchase it. You can also see the large Movie figure and the Ballchain charm, which exactly looks the Fan Magazine strap. There's one way to tell one from the other : the Ballchain has one shorter leg and thus cannot stand on its own, contrary to the Fan Magazine one ! The Bath Salt figure is from the community and the second Atsumare figure is for toy photography. I have yet to take pictures of it !

The picture isn't very good, I'm sorry. My collection display is way taller than me, so I had a hard time taking this picture ! But oh gosh, these two. I thought I'd never ever own them, but here they are, at the top of my display. The Namco DX plush is from the very kind zigguppafu. She accepted to hold it for me ! Thank you so much ! The Happy Party Time mascot, however, is from Ebay. I spotted the auction two hours before it ended, and the shipping was reasonable since it came from the UK. I expected a massive bid war, but turns out I had no competition at all !!

Here is my tag display ! I don't feel very comfortable keeping plushies MWT, because I'd eventually damage the tags.

Pokémon snacks ! Most of these either came from Paris or from a yearly anime convention in southern France. However, the apple juice cans came straight from Hong Kong, and one of them is full ! I'm very, very proud of these two items in particular. The Eevee Ippai figures are also displayed on that shelf, save for Eevee and Leafeon who are on my jewelry box.

Last but not least, a few misc. items. The box of noodles is from the community, I got the tissue pack as a freebie from a seller on Ebay and the Washi tape is from Taobao. However... What are these video games and CDs doing here ? Is it me, or is there somebody else on that shelf ?

First, I have to thank latias_latios_7 for all the help she accepted to give me. This little guy couldn't be shipped to France, so she shipped him to me in February. Now, that's a weird Sylveon ! Actually, that's not a Pokémon, that's Goemon ! People who like japanese video games may know this character. It's my favorite character ever and this plush is the rarest item I own. Why ? Because it was never sold and was given away during E3 2000, as promo merchandise for the US version of a japanese game - and said translation unfortunately never came out. I got this little guy in the plastic bag he spent 15 years in and even if he's a little wonky, I love him very much !

Thank you very much for reading ! I might come back with a little wants post in a few days !
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