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Gets, Wants, and WIPs

I've gotten a bunch more Tomy figures since my last post, but they've been put on the shelving with the rest and so can't pose for individual pictures. The most recent arrival, though, is right below the cut along with two other very pleasing new additions:

(click for full size)

Okay, Inkay! =D

I also picked up a Mewtwo Amiibo, though it's the only Amiibo I have. They're not worth their price tag, imo - mostly because I don't play enough of the games that they're good for. But Mewtwo is a personal favorite, and you can't deny the Amiibo are beautiful figures regardless of practical use. Plus, I've read the stories about how quickly Amiibo sell out and how tough they are to find later on, so I caved and made sure to get one while they were fresh.

And Mega Venusaur is also a personal favorite. My little cousins and I have had plenty of fun shooting off its Razor Leaf attack for them to try and catch. (The thing is surprisingly dodgy!) I do love the Grass types. ^_^

Aside from Inkay, I've got some more Tomys coming in the mail (thanks, pkmncollectors!) including: Dusknoir, Lotad, Timburr, Manectric, Slugma, and Magcargo among others. So, my Tomy collection grows ever nearer to completion. Here's another updated collection shot:

(click for full size)

As my collection grows, I'm getting more serious about fleshing it out and completing it. To that end, I finally have put together a Tomy Wants Post to share here. Now that I have both a Sales post and a Wants post, I can accept trade offers as well as outright purchases! I won't put the whole Wants post here because it's so big, but I'll include a couple of pictures of the priority items on it. If anyone has them for sale, please get in touch with me!


Tomy Sableye

Tomy Mega Sableye

Tomy Noibat

Click this banner for my Master Wants Post:

[art by Ken Sugimori]

Click this banner for my Master Sales Post - with Prices Reduced!

But the end goal is somewhat marred by the fact that Tomy has still not made figures for hundreds of Pokémon! No Kecleon, no Tangrowth, no Leavanny, no Heliolisk. I often wonder if they'll ever complete their product suite. =(

So collectors have to take matters into their own hands. I've been trying my hand at figure-making and -painting. First I decided to make the simplest possible Pokémon figure, and one that also happens to be a stupidly expensive Tomy figure: Electrode!

(click for full size)

It's so much more difficult than I expected it to be. The Sculpey clay I bought ended up being far too soft to hold a shape while handling it, and too easily leaves fingerprints. Even trying some firming tricks (like leeching moisture out with baking powder and paper, or keeping the clay in the fridge) don't make a lasting difference: a few minutes of handling and it's overly soft and pliable again.

To make matters more complicated, the gloss sealer I bought ended up leaving the figure sticky, even after a month of drying. The stickiness was my biggest concern about making my own figures. Legrix gave me some great tips on materials, but she couldn't help me out with finding a good gloss sealer (being a professional artist, she made her own from scratch!).

Next I tried repainting a bootleg Charmeleon figure to its shiny colors.

(click for full size)

It takes a few coats to really cover the figure, but I'm not displeased with how it's coming along. I've yet to do some up-close detailing. Then, of course, I've yet to find a gloss sealer that doesn't end up sticky. =s

And that's why I'm currently stalled on the last project I started:

(click for full size)

The Flygon line is one of my favorites, but Trapinch is one of the Pokémon that Tomy neglected. I tried making the figure such that it could hold its head up, but it ended up needing a little help anyway. It still needs to be painted the proper shade of orange, and then it will need to be sealed as well. Once I determine a good gloss sealer to use, I'll pick things back up. If anyone here has had a good experience with sealers, please leave a comment about it!

As always, thanks for looking and making this community a pleasing place to spend time! ^_^
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